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Police Report

Recent crime and suspicious behaviour

A grey Audi A3 car was damaged whilst parked in South Street, Milnathort. This happened between 4pm and 5.30pm on Tuesday 28 June.

At 1.30pm on Friday 24 June, a green Ford Focus car had all panels scratched whilst parked in Church Street, Milnathort. Two schoolboys approximately thirteen years of age were seen in the vicinity at the time the damaged occurred.

Between 6pm on Monday 27 June and 8am on Tuesday 28 June, an attempt was made to break into farm buildings in Glendevon.

A red and silver coloured Polaroid 550cc quad bike was stolen from a farm near Blairingone between 8pm on Thursday 7 July and 8am on Friday 8 July. Reference CR/018367/16.

A break-in occurred around 13 July at Powmill Milk Bar, Rumbling Bridge where a charity box and staff tips jar was stolen.

A silver Renault Megane parked in Bishops View, Gairneybridge, was vandalised. This happened between 2pm on Friday 15 July and 11am on Saturday 16 July.

The bird hide near Burleigh Sands was vandalised between 12pm on Friday 15 July and 1045am on Saturday 16 July. Reference CR/19531/16.

If you have information on any of the above crimes, please contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Police Advice

Secure your Garden and Outbuildings
If you have a garden, it’s the first thing an intruder will have to deal with if they want to try and break into your house. There may also be items in your garden, shed or garage that a thief will find attractive. Take some simple steps to secure your garden and outside property.
How can I stop thieves entering and stealing from my garden?
• Keep hedges, walls and fences low (max 1.2 metres) at the front of the property to make it harder for an intruder to work unseen. Rear fences and walls should be a minimum 1.8 to 2 metres in height.
• Grow aggressive shrubbery which is hard for intruders to climb through.
• Security lighting will act as a deterrent.
• Locate bins so that they cannot be used easily as a step to climb over fences or walls.
• Lock away garden implements, furniture or tools in a secure shed, garage or store.
What can I do to protect property in my shed and garage?
• Photograph valuable items of garden furniture and garden tools. Note and keep a record of make, model, colour and serial numbers and use a UV pen or similar to security mark them with your house number and postcode.
• Use a chain or other device to lock garden tools and furniture together to the structure to make them harder to remove.
• Fit a good quality hasp and padlock to the door, fitted with dome headed or non-returnable screws to prevent tampering.
• Secure windows and don’t give intruders the opportunity to see inside.
• If you have an intruder alarm, consider extending it to cover sheds, garages and outbuildings and ensure that there is a visible external sounder box.
• If you do not have a secure shed then bring items inside – don’t leave them lying out.
• If your garage adjoins your home and there is a through door, keep it locked.

Air Weapon Surrender Campaign

New rules will make it illegal for anyone to possess an air weapon without a licence under the Air Weapon and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015, which comes into force from 31 December 2016. However, prior to this date, anyone holding an air weapon has six months to either obtain a certificate or to surrender their weapon(s) to the police.

Police Scotland – local community
Telephone 101 for non-emergencies
Community officers for Kinross-shire:
PCs Mark Sturgess, James Wilson,
Douglas Stapleton and Atholl Spalding.
Community Sergeant: Sgt Grant Letham

Ways of following the Police:

Community Watch
Receive email alerts about criminal incidents in your area, crime prevention advice, flood alerts and much more by signing up to Perth and Kinross Community Watch. The range of information received can be tailored individually; each person signing up can choose which partner agencies they would like to receive messages from. Visit this website for more details:

Crime Stoppers – Telephone 0800 555 111

This is a free phone number (unless you are using a mobile pone), which any member of the public can contact at any time if you have information relating to a criminal activity of any sort. It is, if you wish, confidential and you cannot be contacted if you choose to remain anonymous.

Police Scotland Survey
Police Scotland consults with the public every year on what their priorities are for policing in their community. In 2016 the consultation process is online and will be open all year. Take the survey at: