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Police Report

Recent Crime
This month has seen a rise in rural crime with several quad bikes being stolen and farms targeted, along with sheds being broken into in rural areas including the Crook of Devon and Powmill area. Again, it is important that security measures are put in place to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to target rural areas. I have included a guide regarding farm security to again reinforce what measures can be taken. If a crime prevention survey is required on any properties, PCs Spalding and Stapleton can attend and speak with anyone who feels advice is required to bolster their security for farms, house or garden sheds.

With the better weather coming, it is easy for everyone to let their security measures lapse, leaving sheds insecure. Valuable tools, bikes etc then become an easy target.

Cesar Scheme
The Cesar STOPS THEFT is the official Construction and Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration Scheme. This is basically a tamper proof system for all construction, agricultural, ATVs and attachments which is unique to each piece of equipment. A tamper evident label carries a unique plant identification number. If information is required, get in touch and Rural Crime Prevention Officer Willie Johnstone can offer advice and show how the marking scheme actually works. If there is enough interest, we may arrange a CESAR road show. See also the website for advice.

Farm Building Security
In the rural environment, good home security is essential and is an effective deterrent against crime. This advice is designed to help you prevent becoming a victim of theft and provide reassurance that there are many simple safety measures you can take to protect your premises.
How to protect your farm perimeter:
• Reduce access by removing all gates and entrances that are no longer in use. Replace them with a permanent fence or other barrier.
• Secure all gates with good padlocks.
• Repair fencing promptly to prevent/restrict any future unauthorised access.
How to protect your farmhouse:
• Fit British Standard key operated locks to all ground floor and accessible windows and mortice locks to all outside doors.
• Use timing devices on interior lights when your house is unoccupied and keep doors locked when no one is home.
• All property should be uniquely marked, photographed and recorded in an asset register that includes serial and model numbers.
How to protect your outbuildings and sheds:
• Ensure that all external doors are of solid construction with suitable locks or a close shackle padlock and bar fitted to it.
• Hide the contents from view using protective grilles on windows if appropriate.
• Ensure property is locked away at night or when not in use.
Suspicious callers:
Beware of any suspicious callers. Check their identity and, if in doubt, note their description and any vehicle they may be using and call the police. Your call may be important and save others from the opportunist thief.
Rural Watch Schemes:
These work well as a crime prevention and detection tool but are also extremely valuable in terms of enabling local communities to share information, allows agencies to send out relevant crime alerts, and empowers local communities to be more resilient. Please consider joining your local scheme. For further information, please contact 01786 463732 or

Further information:
A complete guide to “Security in the Rural Environment” can be accessed from the Police Scotland website

Comprehensive crime prevention advice can be obtained from your local Police Scotland Safer Communities Team by telephoning 101.
Remember: If you can think of a way of defeating your existing security measures, so can the criminal.
Any suspicious activity should be reported to Police Scotland by calling 101, or Crimestoppers (see below). For emergencies call 999.
Cycling Policeman
On a lighter note, PC Stapleton recently completed his Police cycle course and has been out in the saddle in and around Kinross-shire. He looks good in lycra. Hopefully we will continue with our Hi-visibility foot and cycle patrols during the summer months to come.

Police Scotland – local community
Telephone 101 for non-emergencies

Community officers for Kinross-shire: PC Atholl Spalding and PC Douglas Stapleton.
Community Sergeant (Kinross-shire): Sgt Robert Hogg.
Community Sergeant (Kinross-shire): Sgt Robert Hogg.

Community Inspector for Perth South (Strathearn, Strathallan & Carse of Gowrie, Almond & Earn, Kinross-shire): PI Kevin Chase.

Ways of following the Police:

Community Watch
Receive email alerts about criminal incidents in your area, crime prevention advice, flood alerts and much more by signing up to Perth and Kinross Community Watch. The range of information received can be tailored individually; each person signing up can choose which partner agencies they would like to receive messages from. Visit this website for more details:

Crime Stoppers – Telephone 0800 555 111
This is a free phone number (unless you are using a mobile phone), which any member of the public can contact at any time if you have information relating to a criminal activity of any sort. It is, if you wish, confidential and you cannot be contacted if you choose to remain anonymous.