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The Friendly County

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Kinross Centre

64 High Street, Kinross, KY13 8AJ
Telephone: 01577 863869
email: kindaycent@tiscali.co.uk
Registered Scottish Charity No. SCO 04968

The timetable for a normal week of activities is as follows:-

Monday Exercise Class 11.30
  Bingo 13.30
  "Stride for Life" walking group 14.00
Tuesday Relaxation Class 13.15
  Singing Group 14.00
  Games 13.45
Wednesday Morning Service 10.45
  Dominoes & Games 13.30
  Tai Chi (every other week) 13.30
  Quiz Afternoon 13.30 or 14.00 (if Tai Chi week)
  Art Class 13.30
  Scrabble 13.30
Thursday Film Afternoon 13.30
  Balance & Strength Exercise Class 11.15
  Scrabble 13.30
Friday Bingo 13.30
  Dominoes 13.30

The above covers the usual weekly activities but there are also special afternoons when we may have a tea dance, a concert or, in the warmer months, an outing.
Other activities include Table Tennis, Videos, Cards, Dominoes, Daily Papers, Chiropody, Exercise Sessions, Craft Classes and talks. Talks include those concerned with health and safety issues, benefits, etc.

Our caring staff are always thinking up new or different activities to amuse and entertain.