The Standing Stones of Orwell

Drive from Milnathort towards Balgedie on the A911 and you pass, on your left, the Standing Stones. These two Orwell Standing Stoneshuge whinstones on a low hillock in the middle of a field are typical of the many monoliths found in Scotland, dating back to pre-historic times. In 1972 the west stone fell down, and while it was being re-erected experts examined the ground and found four cremation deposits, two of them in a two-tier burial, which is unusual. Carbon dating of bones from these deposits suggested they had been there since about 2000 B.C.
Half a mile beyond the stones can be seen, on the left, one of the last water wheels in Kinross-shire. This wheel served Powmill, once a fine example of our 18th centry corn mills. It was a thirlage mill dated 1788, with a pantile roof.

Written by Mrs Nan Walker and published by Kinross-shire Historical Society in 1980

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